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SASA Announcements

SASA Conference 2015 to be held in Toronto, East Africa. More details coming up soon....

About SASA
The Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa (SASA) is a not-for-profit international association of scientists, academic institutions, research institutions, government agencies, philanthropists  and funding agencies dedicated to building an African scientific knowledge base and advancing the frontiers of science in Africa.
We Serve to advocate, educate, lead and guide advancement of science on the African continent and link such advancement with the wider global scientific knowledge society
SASA's vision is to apply science, scientific innovation and technological advances to improve the human condition in Africa. SASA envisions doing this by facilitating a multidisciplinary approach to scientific research which enables a comprehensive strategy for advancing science, scientific innovation and technology in Africa.
SASA’s ultimate mission is to advance science, improve health, economic and social development on the African continent. SASA seeks to promote continent-wide African innovation and new frontiers of scientific research







Our Goals
Promoting and supporting scientific research in six key areas, including  biomedical science, health, energy,  engineering and technology, environmental science, agriculture and fisheries, and mining/metallurgy.

Coordinating and facilitating contacts and communication about African scientific research, between scientists, research institutions, academic institutions,  international societies and African government agencies and policy institutions.

Fundraising and soliciting funds from philanthropists and international funding agencies to support scientific research on the African continent or research collaboration on science on Africa.

Advocating, leading and guiding advancement of science on the African continent by educating African scientists, the public and government policy agencies.

Organizing meetings, member activities, public outreach and information sessions and publishing  the SASA Journal.







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